We are a general handyman business offering services to home owners in the northern suburbs of Perth.

This business has been operating for 8 years now and has an exclusive group of clients.
We select our clients largely based on referral from existing or past clients.

Broad Support

It is a feature of the business that we offer a wide range of support to our clients needs not just the basic lawnmowing and gardening activities. Garden design, maintenance and minor home repairs are also within our skill set. Larger jobs are taken on only if we can access experienced business owners and tradesmen who have the appropriate skills to achieve a high quality finish.

It is a reflection of our success that some clients have been with us since the beginning of the business in 2007.

Business Owner

Hi, I am John Wood, the owner of Woodies Home & Garden Services.

I grew up on a farm and worked in that context for the first 20 years of my life before leaving home to study for an Education Degree in Perth. My specialist area was Biology and this has actually been a useful background in my current line of work. After 30 years of teaching I felt like a change and so I have developed my landscaping business over the last 8 years.

A Passionate Gardener

My family grew their own vegetables and fruit for most of my childhood so I have grown up with a passion for gardening. I bring this passion to my business and it maintains my enthusiasm for developing living landscapes around our homes.

You can see this love of gardening demonstrated in my blog Organic Home Gardener

An Experienced Problem Solver

My farming experience means I also have a natural ability to problem solve and find solutions to the challenges faced sometimes when developing a landscaping plan. I am also very familiar and comfortable in using a range of tools and machines in order to improve the efficiency with which I supply service to my clients.

If using a specialist piece of equipment will improve the job then we will acquire or hire it to ensure you have the best result. We are sensitive, however, to the bottom line so if manual labour is the cheapest solution then we get our backs into the job!

A Local Business for Local People

I live and work in the northern suburbs of Perth with Joondalup being basically the centre of my main working region. I tend to limit the distance I travel for landscaping work since this will increase the overall cost of my services. Delivery of soils, mulch and reticulation materials incurs a cost and the closer the job is to my suppliers in Joondalup the cheaper it is for all concerned.

However, I do take on the occasional distant client but this is under special conditions. For, example I have worked on a farm in the Chittering Valley planting trees and clearing the grounds. I negotiated a flat price with the owners of the farm that gave both of us the best value for a days work.

Early morning on the farm (Chittering Valley)

Local Experience

Living and managing my own garden in the area means I am very aware of the challenges we face trying to develop a garden in the coastal strip. Our limey soils and low rainfall bring many challenges to anyone wishing to grow a lawn or develop a vegetable garden etc. Clever use of reticulation and soil additives can improve your success rates whatever you wish to grow. I have the experience and expertise to make sure your yard is the best it can be.

If you wish to be considered as a client of Woodies Home and Garden Services;

Phone: 0439948487
Email: johnwood@woodieshomeandgardenservices.com

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