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Lawn Upgrades

With the water restrictions biting here in Perth the options for most people seem to be limited as far as their lawns go.
But if you think about it there are a lot more choices than you think!

Rip it out!

You can remove the lawn completely – artificial turf it!

This has some advantages in high traffic areas and can save a lot of work and water. Very useful around swimming pools!

You can rip up the lawn and pave it (gets a lot hotter in the summer though!)

Or you can use mulches – in this case gravel and pine bark!

Replace With New Lawn Varieties

A new lawn – but an extension to the Rose garden saves money and still achieves the look the client required.
We built a nice limestone retaining wall for this garden as well.

You can rip up the lawn and replace it with the newer water wise varieties of buffalo – Sir Walter and Palmetto come to mind here! This is expensive but the long term water savings can make it worthwhile. I suggest that a combination of new lawn and paving or flower vegetable beds can work real well.

We have gone down this path in our own yard and have the benefits of a nice cool lawn (the dog and grandchild love it!) and more vegetables and fruit for our kitchen!

Out with the old Buffalo and in with raised garden beds and Sir Walter!

A work in progress – day temperatures around 40degrees this week!

Finished Lawn and Walls

Upgrade the Reticulation At The Same Time

Add a high quality reticulation system and the water savings can be substantial over old style sprayers and water hungry lawn varieties from the 70’s!

MP Rotators – yes I know they are twice the price of the cheap ones – but they are so much more efficient!

The latest is under-turf drip systems – some of which can be connected to the grey water output from the house!
I use Netafim micro-irrigation on both lawns and vegetable gardens. The water savings are up to 70% over regular sprinklers!

Vegtables grow so much better with this reticulation system – no spray to promote moulds!